Relationships are very much like plants. They need care, attention, and a lot of effort. If you don’t give it the attention it deserves, it will dull out and inevitably die away. If you want to bring the spark of your relationship back by surprising your loved ones, here are our suggestions to you.

Go for your usual date night; to the most unexpected places

Dating has never been written off exclusively for the unattached or the newly in love. Unfortunately, many of us forget the fun part of dating as our relationships grow more mature. The few of us who haven’t forgotten it’s excitement and importance have a “date night” once a week…or maybe once a month. Instead of making that one precious day a predictable one, try to think out of the box. Get creative with your dates. If you and your loved one enjoy movies, instead of renting it, go out for a movie. If that’s the norm for you, set up a projector in your garden/rooftop and have picnic movie night. Even watching an old fashioned broad way show or circus classes Auckland can be more fun than you remember. If your dates generally end with you grabbing dinner at your usual restaurant, change things up a little by going to a restaurant neither of you have tried before.

Plan dates for moments they wouldn’t expect

For some, life’s predictability brings a sense of security. For others, it just means life is boring. If you feel your life is becoming predictable and boring, it’s time to change things. Make way for the spontaneous and the unexpected. Instead of waiting for your date night, select a day you know you are both free to have an unplanned one. Select unexpected places to go to; like circus shows or aquariums or even fairs. No energy to go out on the days you’re both free? No problem! Dig around your kitchen and create a picnic style dinner for you “picnic” in front of the TV or in your apartment’s balcony. Not in the mood to make food? Take a leisurely walk to your favorite diner to grab your meal. It’s all about making the small moments count.

Do simple yet unexpected things they’d appreciate

Since we’ve written about making the small moments count, it’s important that we tell you that the simple (yet unexpected…or even the expected, for that matter) things are often appreciated more than the grand gestures. If you don’t believe us, try getting flowers delivered to your loved one’s workplace. Make the message a sweet one…or one that makes sense only to the two of you. If it’s “just because” and without a reason, trust us when we say that this will guarantee surprise your loved one, as well as bring new life to your relationship. Even other simple things, like doing a chore they normally do (if you know they’re tired or dreading doing it), or an unexpected massage after a long and tiring day are all simple gestures that bring your relationship a new spark.