How do you get started? What do you need? How can you select high quality equipment and stay within the chosen budget? This article is going to provide you with all the essential answers to building a home theater from scratch at home.

Start with the screen

You can’t call it a home cinema or theater unless it’s got a huge screen to watch movies on. This piece is what sets the atmosphere. Choose either a HDTV or a UHDTV with the biggest diagonal you can afford. It doesn’t have to be a new model. Older ones are great too; besides, you now have the chance to pick one at a bargain price. Pay attention to the features as well: it should have an Internet streaming function and WiFi connectivity with other devices, to mention the basics.

Choosing a receiver

This piece is vital. It basically connects all the separate devices and systems that together make up your home theater. This must be able to cater to both the video and the audio. It’s the organizing, unifying element. You will be plugging everything else into this receiver: your speakers, consoles, screens, streaming devices etc. It will also be the device that lets you manage everything.

Select and install the speakers

If you don’t have them yet, go purchase a surround version and opt for professional sound system installation in Parramatta. It’s really important to invest in this, to ensure flawless sound. Size does not matter here – bigger speakers aren’t necessarily better.

The setup

This stage refers to connecting all the devices with the receiver, physically. Consequently, these will be connected to the Internet, the richest source of video and audio content. Proceed to audio visual equipment installation and call a professional assistance if you don’t have the knowledge. Add a dedicated streaming player (digital media adapter or DMA), a Blu-Ray Disc player and a console too, besides your TV and speakers. Note that the TV in itself may not be good enough in terms of audio, which is why you must connect it to a powerful audio system.

Connecting to the Internet

A simple web connection won’t do – it needs to be at certain parameters. Get a broadband Internet connection with a consistent download speed, so you can easily obtain what you are interested in. This speed should be at 1-2Mbps at minimum. It can be wired or wireless (through WiFi). The best experience would be at 25Mbps. Don’t forget that the download speed decreases when you have several devices using the same Internet connection.

Finally, position your home theater elements in a way that ensures adequate surround sound and comfortable viewing for as many people as you plan on having as guests.